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EarthFolio is the first online advisory service with an ESG screening ecosystem.

We invest for good, across the board.

Sustainability is not a niche for us; it’s the DNA of how we’ve invested for over twenty years. Every portfolio we build invests exclusively in a broad spectrum of sustainable mutual funds that screen on up to ten environmental, social, and governance criteria.

American Century Mid Cap Growth Impact ETF
Brown Advisory Sust Growth
Etho Climate Leadership US ETF
i-Shares 1-5 USD Corp Bond
NuShares ESG Small- Cap Growth ETF
Nuveen ESG US Agg. Bond ETF
Parnassus Mid Cap Growth Investor
Pax Global Opportunities Fund
Vanguard ESG US Corporate Bond ETF
Vanguard ESG US Stock ETF
The mutual funds shown represent the current holdings of the EarthFolio model portfolio series as a whole. Individual funds may not be held in all portfolio options within the series. Holdings are subject to change. It should not be assumed that any of the funds listed were or will prove to be profitable.


Seeks companies that promote sustainability and ecological conservation such as recycling, low-carbon emissions, and efficient water use.

Clean Tech

Seeks technology companies that specialize in resource efficiency and clean energy solutions such as wind, solar, and geothermal.

Equality & Diversity

Seeks companies that actively hire and promote diverse workforces that include LGBT, veterans, women, and other minorities.

Human Rights

Avoids or restricts companies that do business in countries which condone human rights violations or support terrorism.

Fair Labor

Seeks companies that promote fair wages, safe working conditions, and long-term job security.

Animal Welfare

Avoids or restricts companies engaged in the inhumane treatment of animals such as in medical testing and factory farming of livestock.


Avoids or restricts companies that profit from manufacturing firearms, ammunition, or military weapons.

Corporate Governance

Seeks companies with strong policies and practices governing transparency, fair compensation, and open dialogue with shareholders.

Healthy Living

Avoids or restricts companies profiting from manufacturing or distributing harmful or addictive products and services such as tobacco, alcohol, and gaming.

Community Development

Seeks financial institutions that partner with underserved communities to provide affordable housing, small business loans, and micro finance.

Fossil-Fuel Free

Avoids companies that produce energy from coal, crude oil, petroleum, and gas—the main contributors of greenhouse emissions and climate change.

Shareholder Advocacy

Engages the companies it owns through the use of proxy voting, resolutions, and dialogue, to promote environmental, social, and governance change.

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