• Fossil Free

Pure fossil-free performance.

Transitioning from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy is one of
our planet’s greatest challenges and greatest opportunities. We believe the fastest way to accelerate our planet towards a carbon-free economy is by empowering investors to own portfolios free of fossil-fuels
while actively investing in technologies that lead the way in
clean energy solutions.

Know. Invest.

EarthFolio offers a range of fossil-free portfolios that are globally diversified and promote 21st century clean energy technologies.

Companies and Industries we include


100% Renewable Utilities

electricity generated by the wind or sun


Electric Transportation

clean-powered autonomous vehicles


Battery Technology

electric storage and battery packs

Companies and Industries we exclude

Fossil-fired Utilities

distributors of coal, oil, and gas

Oil & Gas

producers, refiners, and pipelines

Coal Mining

operators and owners of coal reserves

Frequently Asked Questions

How does EarthFolio define fossil-free?

Not all fossil-free investments are created equal. Some so-called “fossil-free” funds exclude coal but invest in oil & natural gas, while other “low carbon” funds simply reduce their overall fossil-fuel holdings. We believe free means zero. That’s why EarthFolio Fossil-Free only invests in funds that fully exclude companies engaged in the exploration, production, or distribution of energy from coal, oil, and natural gas. This includes companies involved in mining, drilling, refining, and transporting, as well as utilities that burn fossil fuels to produce electricity.

  • Fossil Free Funds Grade (Methodology)
  • Coal
  • Oil & Gas
  • Fossil-Fired
  • Overall ESG
  • Clean Energy
  • Globally Diversified Portfolio
  • Top 5
    Fossil Fuel Companies
    (as of 2/27/2022)

Fossil Free
ESG Models

  • A
  • None

Standard & Poor's
Fossil Fuel
Reserves Free

  • D
  • Partial
  • Partial
  • Partial
  • Berkshire Hathaway
    NextEra Energy
    General Electric
    Duke Energy

Low Carbon

  • D
  • Partial
  • Partial
  • Partial
  • Berkshire Hathaway
    Pioneer Natural Resources
    Kinder Morgan
Yes No

How is a fossil-free portfolio different from an ESG portfolio?

ESG investing has always been at the forefront of climate change and offers two paths to address fossil fuel holdings in investments. For investors seeking broad diversification across all industries, ESG offers a best-of-class approach that selects companies that mitigate their carbon footprint and engaging these companies to further reduce their carbon emissions. For investors seeking to divest from some or all investments in fossil-fuels, ESG also offers fossil-free funds that fully exclude companies engaged in the exploration, production, or distribution of energy from coal, oil, and/or natural gas.

Is your money invested in oil, coal, or gas?

Most mutual funds invest a significant amount of their money in fossil fuels – even so-called “low-carbon” or “carbon-free” funds.  To know whether your fund owns oil, coal, and gas investments, we suggest www.fossilfreefunds.org. Just type in the fund symbol and receive an instant report of your fund’s carbon footprint.

If you could invest fossil-free, would you?


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